The latest advanced operating system from Microsoft, Windows Vista, not only feature a very much beautified graphical user interface and improved security, there are also plenty of under-the-hood enhancements and new utilities. Here’s a list of new executable that has been added to Windows Vista that you may find useful. Of course, the list may not be comprehensive, and the executable can be functions, programs, utilities or command line commands.

10 New Executables in Vista

  1. BcdEdit – Use to edit Boot.ini
  2. DxConfig – DirectX configuration
  3. iCacls
  4. MkLink – Use to create symbolic or hard link
  5. MSconfig
  6. net user administrator activate:yes – Use to activate the hidden ‘real’ Administrator account
  7. Slmgr or Slmgr.vbs – Software Licensing Manager for Vista activation
  8. Powercfg – Control power setting on the system
  9. VSSadmin – Volume shadow copy administration
  10. Ctrl + Shift + Enter keyboard sequence – Execute a program with Run as administrator privileges

Other than above mentioned new tools, most of the old executable exist in Windows XP do make a come back in Windows Vista. Some of these favorite commands or programs available as PowerToys or add-ons to Windows XP, but due to the popularity, have since been incorporated into Vista shell.

20 Old Commands found in Windows Vista and XP

  1. DiskPart – Text-mode command interpreter to manage objects (disks, partitions, or volumes)
  2. DriverQuery – Displays a list of all installed device drivers and their properties
  3. FSutil – Command-line utility to perform FAT and NTFS file system related tasks
  4. IPconfig – Windows IP configuration
  5. Netsh – command-line scripting utility to display or modify the network configuration of local or remote computer
  6. NSLookup – DNS look up
  7. Openfiles – Queries or displays open files
  8. Ping
  9. Path
  10. Robocopy
  11. SC – command line program to communicate with the Service Control Manager and services.
  12. SFC /scannow /verifyonly – Check and fixe system files corruption
  13. Shell:sendto – Manage the convenient Send To shortcut menu
  14. Shutdown with or without /r restart switch
  15. Taskkill – Kill a process
  16. Tasklist – List all processes
  17. Tracert – Traceroute
  18. Tree – Display folder structure
  19. Ver – Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6000]
  20. whoami – If you can’t remember who are you