10 video sharing and video hosting sites that allow users to upload, view, share and broadcast videos have been reviewed and compared by DVguru. The 10 video sharing websites are Eyespot, Google Video, Grouper, Jumpcut, Ourmedia, Revver, Videoegg, Vimeo, vSocial and Youtube. DVguru evaluates and compares the video search sites on video quality, site interface, community features, functionality and ability to embed the video uploaded on WordPress blog.

DVguru (dead link) concludes that if you just want to post and upload video clips online and share it with friends via email or on your own blog, Vimeo is the winner for its speed, ease-of-use, and simple playback functions, with Videoegg at the second. However, if you want to get huge viewership or generate a lot of traffic to your video and has more community features, Youtube is the choice. If you want to edit or alter your upload video online through editing, remixing, or combining your clips with those from other users, Jumpcut is the only service that currently provides the functionality.