15.4-inch Apple MacBook Pro Review by Digit Online

»»15.4-inch Apple MacBook Pro Review by Digit Online
MacBook Pro is the first laptop from Apple that powered with an Intel Core Duo CPU. 15.4-inch Apple MacBook Pro is similar in size and features to PowerBook G4 it replaced.

15.4" MacBook Pro

Digit Online reviewed MacBook Pro 15.4 inch and gave a rating of 4.5 star out of possible 5. They summarized the pros and cons of Apple MacBook as below:

Pros: Small, light, and pretty. Optimized software gives improved performance over previous Mac laptops. Innovative power connector.

Cons: Poor performance in standard applications such as Adobe tools. High price. Screen not ‘X-black’. Low real-time 3D power.

Full Review (link dead)

Update: Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 Refresh

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