Orb is a free online service that gives you unlimited access to the media stored on your personal computer. Orb streams and sends digital media on your PC which may be photos, songs, mp3, musics, videos or even television show (live or recorded) to your portable devices such as smartphone, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile devices or laptop and notebook computer.


Orb is useful is you don’t have enough storage space in your portable PDAs, but has readily available Internet access via Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE or other access method. With Orb, you no need to carry all the media you want to share with others or all the contents that you simply want yourself in your PDAs, you can easily access them by using Orb to stream your live TV, photos, music, videos, audible audio books, movie trailers, and content from Internet radio and TV channels to any Web-enabled device. With such, Orb takes the home out of home entertainment.

To use Orb, Orb Media has to be installed on home PC, and set up a user name and password. Then personalize Orb Media by using Orb Media to find music, photos, video, Webcams, and TV tuner, which enables you to watch live or recorded TV shows.

When you’re away from home or home PC, just access Orb on Web-enabled portable device such as mobile phone, PDA, laptop, remote PC, and log in with the user name and password created. You’ll now be able to stream your selection from home PC.

Microsoft has a write-up (link dead) in detail about Orb which include additional configuration, features and functions that can be performed with Orb, such as Webcam monitoring, media sharing, add-ons to Orb such as weather report, Skype voicemail service, extending TiVo to connected device, global access to Web site bookmarks and e-mail contacts

Stream your media to remote portable devices with Orb (Orb has been acquired by Qualcomm and no longer offer any service).