If you’re a webmaster using Adobe Dreamweaver (previously Macromedia Dreamweaver) to develop and code your website, and you’re using various Google tools APIs or applications, then Dreamweaver Tools for Google from WebAssist Professional can make your programming life easier. Dreamweaver Tools for Google is a free extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that allows webmasters to enhance their websites design with various Google apps without the need of coding, by using straightforward, code-free wizards.

Dreamweaver Tools for Google features ability to embed, put and add Google Search capabilities on the web pages with ability to target to search to certain limit of sites only. Users can also easily drop and display Google Map on any web page with ability to highlight multiple locations with custom markers where each with custom pointers and messages, or put a Google Checkout Buy Now button on the online store to sell goods where all date will be encrypted.

The free extension Dreamweaver Tools for Google is available for free download now at WebAssist Professional (only adding Google Search feature remained, but with added features such as PayPal buttons, Bill Me Later and Skype buttons).