While surfing some websites, a new Google AdSense ads style been displayed. The ad format of the AdSense ad is leaderboard 728×90, but instead of all available space in the horizontal leaderboard been used to display ads, one ad on the rightmost corner has been replaced with a related image instead, with words of More sponsored links…

The sample of the new style on Google AdSense leaderboard ad block format is as below:

AdSense New Leaderboard

When click on the image or the More sponsored links, surfer will be brought to Ad Links landing page with rows of related ads paid links that supposed to be a feature Link unit ads. This is contrary to typical ad unit (leaderboard is an ad format of ad unit) where all space or ads estate within the ad block is used to display ads that when clicked, lead directly to advertisers’ landing page and generate earning for publishers immediately.

According to JenSense, Google has been testing this same kind of ads style for vertical ad formats since end of June. Previously, Google has been testing ads that allow surfer to change keywords.