Advanced Configuration Page for 2Wire HomePortal Residential Router Gateways (Singtel mio)

»»Advanced Configuration Page for 2Wire HomePortal Residential Router Gateways (Singtel mio)
If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or telecommunication service provider (telco) provides you with a 2Wire HomePortal 2100/2701/2700/2070/2800/2801 HG/HG-D/HG-E/HGV/HGV-E Internet Gateway device or a re-branded integrated router device based on 2Wire Gateway, you may be served with a basic configuration and information about the router when you try to access the router configuration page, where the original 2Wire HomePortal’s page has been hidden and replaced with ISP’s.

It’s possible to access 2Wire advanced information and configuration in Management and Diagnostic Console even though the service provider has defaulted the entry page to the strip down version. Most 2Wire routers come with Management and Diagnostic Console (MDC). Usually, all 2Wires can be accessed with using a web browser to browse http://homeportal or http://gateway.2wire or with direct IP address of the router (normally or For setup page, the URL to access is http://homeportal/setup. All these URLs provide bare minimum configuration and information logging.

To access Management and Diagnostic Console of 2Wire, which is essentially the advanced configuration page, use the browser to go to or http://homeportal/mdc instead. If you’re prompted with password (especially for SingTel mio device), key in 2wire, or try default 2Wire password of Wireless.

Once inside the MCD, all 2Wire tweaking settings and logging information are available to the users. Some highlights including Provisioning Information, Event Log, Detailed Log, Detailed Statistics on items such as Cell Header Errors, Loss of Cell Delineation and Link Retrains, Detailed Firewall Information and etc. For users in Singapore who subscribe to the digital voice service (Singtel’s mio Voice), the Voice section under Statistics will track the total talk time, even if outgoing and incoming calls are free.

Note: Mess up the configuration will render the 2Wire HomePortal router useless.

For those highly skilled users, MDC allows configuration to the finest detail, such as Private Network IP address range, ability to create route from the Internet to the public network, enable Router behind Router alert, wireless mode with its DTIM Period, Power Setting and Maximum Connection Rate, syslog, multiple broadband link configuration, DSL and ATM settings, time services, upstream MTU, missing DSL filter detection, NAT TCP and UPD timeout, define custom DNS resolver and traffic shaping.

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  • NickW

    Good post, thanks. I don't suppose you know how to change the RTS and Fragmentation Threshold settings on the same 2Wire gateways? I've trawled through the mdc version of the console and cannot find these. I'm wondering if you need to get a console session on the router and mess about with the settings on the CLI.

    FYI – a number of Mac users are having trouble with 2Wire wireless gateways after updating to Leopard 10.5.2 (wireless randomly drops otu) and those running Linksys etc, where RTS and Fragmentation thresholds can be easily changed, are reporting great success in resolving said issues.

  • Gao Yu

    What's the default password of the singtel's router?I have for get it.

    Thank you!

  • lil

    whats the password for bell's 2wire 2701?

  • hank

    i'm kicked out wfrom wireless when i browse

    any ideas why?

    and what can i do?

    • HP77


      If you can't change (some) settings from Wi-Fi connexion toyour 2Wire Router, use the (yellow or blue) LAN cable provided.


      You can't access "advanced" and "security" settings from Wi-Fi connexion for clear security reasons since anyone can (potentially) access the IP @ddress and more easily if you don't protect your Wi-Fi connexion with a (strong) password and all other available features like MAC@ddress filtering.

      The only way is still the cable connexion: you can access physically your modem-router. Not your neighbours… 😉



      • immo12

        hey hp77.. i av the same problem.. but earlier i was able to access the homeportal/or from wifi.. but now suddnly for sum reason am got able to access it and can only access it through direct lan/wired connection. tried to reset the modem but it only worked for once.. still facing the same problem.. any ideas??

  • justtech

    most 2 wires actually have the password underneath the router its self it looks just like a WEP KEY. i forgot my password and found it underneath the router

  • Jose Fernando

    what can i do if i don't remember the password?

    • admin

      Just reset the modem router.

  • Ratnayake

    Can you kindly let me know if I could use Gateway 2wire Big pond 2071-A for Vista and Windows 7. Thanks Ratnayake

  • Where do I go to unlock my Wi Fi ? i know the password, I just do not know where to go.

  • my 2wire router stop working and only the power lamp lighting red , don’t know what to do

    • Jim

      I had the same issue. It was my adaptor. I found a power adaptor/cord with the same voltage and amperage and replaced the old 2wire one and the modem/router works fine. I read that their power adaptors fail quite often.