ajaxWrite is an online word processor that based on AJAX and XML User Interface Language (XUL). In other words, ajaxWrite is a web-based applications that has same functionality of desktop or computer-based word processing productivity application such as Microsoft Word, without any needs of installation and at fraction of costs or even free.


ExtremeTech reviewed ajaxWrite and concluded that “no one is going to dump a full-featured word processor like Microsoft Word in favor of ajaxWrite. Though the PR literature for ajaxWrite claims that it’s replacing a $500 software package with one that’s free, in truth, you can get Microsoft Word for about 90 dollars, and ajaxWrite isn’t replacing the functionality of Word, anyway; remember macros, templates, mail merges, revisions, autoreplace – all missing in ajaxWrite and all essential tools for businesses.

ajaxWrite is, on the other hand, a fine proof of concept, and a nice, free, lightweight text editor that can read .doc files when you’re away from your home base. And don’t forget, that since it’s a Web-based hosted service, additional features and fixes can be accomplished on the server side without requiring you to upgrade.”

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