Akimbo tagline – your wish is on demand – says it all. Akimbo delivers more than 8,000 on-demand video programs in Akimbo’s impressive library of original, niche and mainstream content – including travel shows, documentaries, music videos, full-length films and movies, sporting events, television series and dramas and more, including high definition (HD) contents to Akimbo’s subscribers via the Internet. Viewers just need to connect Akimbo Player or Windows Media Center PC (XBox and XBox 360 included with Media Center Extenders supported by Akimbo) to their TV or HDTV to view the video contents at their demands.


HD Beat concluded that “Overall I was impressed, but I wouldn’t stay satisfied very long with the limited selection. Judging by the amount of content they have now, I would be surprised if they didn’t add many more HD shows in the coming months. The costs seems a little high if you want to cancel your cable, between the monthly fee and the per episode fee for many of the shows. They do have subscriptions that could help, but in some regards it isn’t like DVD, because some of the content expires.”

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