Anycom HS-777 is a Bluetooth headset with ground breaking price, one of the lowest price among various Bluetooth headset. Anycom HS-777 earpiece features up to 12 hrs talk time, standby time of 200 hours, compatible with Bluetooth 1.2 protocol, capable of offering wireless freedom up to 30 feet away from phone, computer, or PDA, and even use as Wireless VOIP phone device when making internet-based calls from computer, and contains three control buttons on the device that supports volume up/down, call answer/end, redial, and mute functions, plus auto-answering, voice dialing and last number redialing on supported phones.

Anycom HS-777

treocentral reviews Anycome HS-777 and concludes with overall rating of 4 out of 5 that “the Anycom competes well in its price range. It doesn’t sound quite as good as the Samsung WEP 200, my favorite headset in the $50 range. I haven’t found another headset that does though, and you certainly don’t get 12 hours of talk time out of the tiny Samsung. If you are looking at a more popular headset such as the Jabra BT250v, you might do just as well checking out the Anycom HS-777; you’ll certainly get more for your money. If you need to talk on a headset all the live- long day, the HS-777 is a surprisingly comfortable and long-lasting option.”