Apache Controls Blackhawk Spinner Review by RetroBlast!

»»Apache Controls Blackhawk Spinner Review by RetroBlast!
Apache Controls Blackhawk Spinner push/pull arcade spinner features stainless steel and aluminum construction, high quality “Press-Fit” Brass Bearings, stainless steel Multi-Wave Compression Springs for excellent push/pull movement, Mac OS X, PC Windows XP, 2000, ME compatible, supports MAME and other Mac and PC based emulation programs, Oscar Controls Spinner Control Board and Ultimarc Opti-pac Control Board. Beside, the spinner also has the capabilities to 2 Blackhawk Spinner or 1 Blackhawk Spinner and 1 trackball on the same machine. The push/pull of the spinner utilize Cherry microswitch design.

Apache Controls Blackhawk Spinner

RetroBlast! reviews Blackhawk Spinner from Apache Controls and concludes that “I started the review with a wonderful first-impression “vibe” and the spinner never disappointed my high expectations. The Apache Controls Blackhawk spinner is priced at $129 (the knob is an additional $9.99 when purchased with the spinner), which is relatively pricey compared to other available spinners, but it is definitely a top performer, exceptionally well designed and built, and currently the only up/down spinner on the market. It’s also backed up by a 90-day full refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

If you want the ultimate arcade spinner, the Blackhawk is certainly worth the price of admission. Recommended by RetroBlast.


  • Anodized aluminum box frame
  • Full-featured USB encoder
  • Adjustable up/down switches
  • Accurate, responsive gameplay


  • Friction from up/down microswitches
  • Relatively low tooth count on encoder wheel
  • Costly

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