Unable to decide if you should dump the Windows-based PC system and switch to the Apple Mac platform? Or confuse about what’s the advantages and disadvantages of using a PC or a Mac? Look no further, Apple gives you various reasons to Get a Mac, in a funny and hilarious way… sort of.

“Accident” – depicting the Mac is safe with the MagSafe connector on new Mac notebookes comes disconnected with a tug, while PC can hurt if power cord has been yanked.

“Accident” is one of the TV commercial ads “Get A Mac” series by Apple, which launched during Emmy awards, and starring by actor Justin Long as a Mac and actor John Hodgman as a PC. Other “Get A Mac” ads as below.

“Angel/Devil” – depicting having fun with Mac with preinstalled photo editing and imaging tools.

“Trust Mac” – depicting Mac is free and more secure than Windows from spyware and viruses.

“Out of the Box” – depicting Apple macs are ready to use out of the box and that no downloads or extra accessories are needed.

“Touche” – depicting Intel macs run both Windows and Mac OS X operating system while PC only runs one operating system.


“Better Results”

“Restarting” – Mac’s hardware and software just works, reducing time for troubleshooting.



“WSJ” or “Wall Street Journal”

“Work vs Home”

“Self Pity”