Apple iMac Core Duo Review by CNet

»»Apple iMac Core Duo Review by CNet
Apple iMac Core Duo is the first Intel-powered desktop PC from Apple, which previously use PowerPC G-Series CPUs from IBM. iMac Core Duo features 20-inch LCD and 2 GHz processing power.

Apple iMac Core Duo

CNet concluded that If you use Photoshop or other nonnative apps, wait or look elsewhere; otherwise, Apple continues its trend of delivering better technology for the same price with its first Intel-based desktop, the iMac Core Duo.

The Good:

  • Fast native application performance
  • Same core features as the Editors’ Choice-winning iMac G5 for the same price
  • Updated iLife ’06 digital media software included
  • Faster 3D graphics and memory
  • Major software vendors have all committed to port over their software

The Bad

  • Nonnative software runs slowly
  • Few firm dates on when the software transition will be complete

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