NotebookReview reviewed Apple MacBook Pro which now has an added incentive and bonus of able to run both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows XP with the release of Boot Camp, thus providing safety net to those who might not like to use Mac OS X as operating system.

Apple Macbook Pro

NotebookReview concluded that “This laptop is extremely cool. For someone like me that means warm fuzzies and no buyers remorse. It is kind of crazy that last week I was a lifelong user and builder of PC computers and now I own my first notebook and also my first Mac. So far, I have no regrets. I will always own a PC, but OS X has impressed me a lot. My first pang of “uh oh” hit when I ran 3DMark05, but I still feel like the computer has enough juice to play games for the next couple of years. More importantly, it’s smaller and quieter than the other options I looked at which I feel more than makes up for it. Perhaps this notebook is more expensive than other options out there, but none of them are quite this small, quite this cool, and still pack quite this much punch. In my opinion, the Acer 8204 is the only thing that comes close (right now anyway) and it is priced very similarly. Considering how much the first Apple Titanium’s cost, this thing is practically a basement bargain. I’m always sad to see money go, but in this case, I wouldn’t ask for it back. In the end, isn’t that all that matters?”


Very well built
Great overall performance
Smaller dimensions and weighs less than other laptops in its class (1lb less than the Acer 8204 for example)
Can run Windows XP or OS X (and potentially Linux)
Very quiet
Amazingly bright non-glare type screen
High quality web cam
Decent battery life
Plays WoW like a champ
Comes with a remote for media and PowerPoint


Somewhat hot when plugged in
Boot Camp not quite ready for the masses
Underclocked GPU

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