Asus A8Jm is a 14″ widescreen notebook computer which features Intel dual core processor, NVidia GeForce Go7800 graphic card, built-in WiFi, built-in microphone and high-resolution webcam, built-in Bluetooth V2.0+EDR, Super Multi DVD and multi-card reader. In addition, the Asus laptop has ExpressCard slot for high-performance and modular expansion of functionality.

Asus A8Jm

NotebookReview reviewed Asus A8Jm laptop and concluded that “the A8Jm is so well built, you probably won’t have to use their technical support often if at all. And even if you had a problem with the machine, good resellers like MilestonePC would probably be able some initial support for you.

I’d recommend this machine to anybody; with almost every feature you could ask for in a thin and light configuration, it’s really a dream machine. The price is a bit high, but considering most of what’s in it is bleeding edge technology and is most likely future proof (maybe Merom compatible, Vista compatible), I think it’s a worthy investment.”

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