If you’re implementing Zopim live chat software on your website to engage the visitors to improve the sales conversion, increase return of marketing campaign, or simply provide live support, you may want to automatically pop-up the live chat window. Showing the live chat window prominently encourages visitors to connect to you and to start the conversation proactively. Else, the visitors may simply miss the availability of chat especially if the chat button or bubble is not standing out due to web design blending choice.

Luckily, automatically pop out and expand the Zopim live chat widget is extremely easy, and it comes with functionality to delay the display the full live chat widget after a short delay.

To automatically pop out the Zopim live chat window after a certain time of delay, insert the following code after the main Zopim Live Chat script:

  $zopim(function() {
    window.setTimeout(function() {
    }, 10000); // delay time in milliseconds
In the example above, the live chat widget will pop out after 10 seconds (indicating by 10000 milliseconds. Change the delay time according to your preference.
In you’re using other Zopim’s APIs, just add the API code wrapped within the “$zopim(function() {” and corresponding “}” to the existing section of the same function.

Automatically Pop Out Zopim Live Chat Window

Similarly, if you’re using plugin or add-on such as WordPress Zopim Widget to automatically set up your Zopim live chat widget, just add the API code without the <script> and </script> and $zopim(function() { … }) wrappings, as shown in figure above.