ConCon Retriever is a simple software tool that allows users easy access to MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger contents and items, which include smilies, custom emoticons, emotions, Display Picture (aka avatar or user tile), messenger background, wink, Deluxe Display Picture (mood, meego or muggin) and dynamic background. With ConCon Retriever, all these contents can be downloaded, backed up or copied to local disk and used freely, especially to restore them when you have reformatted, reinstalled, accidentally deleted, or bought a new computer.

Features of ConCon Retriever

  • Backup MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger content (emoticons, backgrounds, display pictures, winks, dynamic backgrounds, and dynamic display pictures) into an MCO file, which can be edited and installed by many programs, including ConCon MCO Editor.
  • Save the content to image or flash files. For example, it’s possible to save custom emoticon to image file in GIF or PNG format, save background to JPG or JPEG image file format, save wink to shockwave flash (SWF) file, and etc.
  • Search and find emoticon based on its name or key sequence.
  • Rename an emoticon or change its shortcut key sequence in ConCon Retriever (on Windows Live Messenger 8.1 only).
  • Protect emoticons or emotions to prevent your contacts from adding your emoticons to their list (on Windows Live Messenger 8.1 only).
  • Steal DP (Display Picture) and protected custom emoticons, smileys and emotions from your contacts from cached files. It’s also possible to grab the SWF Shockwave Flash files of winks sent by your contacts, although you cannot install them to your MSN (Windows Live) Messenger.
  • Install MCO files.
  • Easy to use and transparent.
  • No installation required, and nothing is being added to registry. All files are created inside ConCon Retriever folder itself only. Thus, simply delete the folder to uninstall.
  • Unicode support including Asian characters.
  • Free download.

ConCon Retriever

Download ConCon Retriever 2.2 (version 2.2.4, for Windows Live Messenger 8.1) or ConCon Retriever 2.1 (versin 2.1.1, for MSN Messenger 7.5 and Windows Live Messenger 8.0) {Resources no longer available}.

ConCon Retriever requires Windows XP and above, Flash player and is available in English, French, Italian and Spanish languages. To install ConCon Retrieve (actually no installation process is needed), just unpack and extract the package, and run ConCon.exe.