Battery Pack Pro is described as “The Only Utility You Will Ever Need” by its producer, Omega One Mobile Solutions and is available in Pocket PC edition and Smartphone edition. Battery Pack Pro is a small mobile application that comes with a lot of features such as to enhance the Pocket PC and Smartphone PDA. Among the features include Battery Bar that displays battery, memory, storage card, time, backlight data on the today screen, Program Bar that launches programs from Today screen. Search Bar that searches the web or personal info and open URLs, Calendar Bar that displays next 50 appointments, Power Start that allows to customize the icons on start button, Power Time that display world time, Power Task that closes program when tap on Close button, Power Bars that displays the battery, memory, storage card life, time, date and time until next appointment on the title bar, Power Clean that reclaims valuable space by removing unwanted files automatically, Power Buttons that launches 2 programs from each button on your Pocket PC, Power Alert that adjusts alert and reminder notifications, Power Store that provides even more detailed battery, memory and storage card information, Power Adjust that customizes your Pocket PC with lots of cool tricks, including different system fonts & animated windows and Power Light that turns Pocket PC screen into a flashlight, or a warning light for emergencies.

MTekk (dead link) reviews Battery Pack Pro version 3 and concludes that “there were some features of this program that I really liked, and some that I didn’t. Unfortunately, some didn’t really work for me at all. I think the programmer needs to have another look at this program, because not all of it works as claimed. However, Battery Pack Pro is very configurable, which means that any features you don’t like can be switched off. I recommend giving this program serious consideration, but make sure you download a trial version and use it for the full trial period before buying the product key or serial, just in case you find that it’s not the program for you.”