Beautiful Vista Dream Scene Desktop Video Wallpaper with Nature Theme

»»»Beautiful Vista Dream Scene Desktop Video Wallpaper with Nature Theme
Getting bored with the bundled Dream Scene background videos come together with Windows DreamScene or Windows DreamScene content pack? If you’re also not interested in setting self-made video as background animated wallpaper, or loathe at downloading high definition movies or HD trailers to set as desktop Dream Scene wallpaper, here is a few beautiful DreamScene animated videos with the theme of natural scenery beauty that can be set as desktop background video wallpaper.

Waterfall DreamScene Video
Running water down the waterfall with some plant visible. Download dreamscene-waterfall.mpg.

Aurora DreamScene Wallpaper
Aurora in the snow land or polar light. Download dreamscene-aurora.mpg.

Glacier DreamScene Video
Water falls off glacier ice face. Download dreamscene-glacier.mpg.

Lake View DreamScene Animated Wallpaper
Beautiful and scenic lake. Download dreamscene-lake.mpg.

Scenery DreamScene Video
Lush green natural scenery with soft wind blowing. Download dreamscene-greenery.mpg.

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