Bill Gates, the founder and Chairman of Microsoft is going to leave day-to-day operations management and move to a part-time role within Microsoft in July 2008 to begin a full-time career in philanthropy. What will Bill Gates do on his last day of work at Microsoft office? This funny parody spoof video will show what Bill Gates imagines what he will be doing on his very last working day, first watched on International CES 2008 during Gates’ keynote address.

And if you want to know how affluent the billionaire Bill Gates is, look at the casts that appearing in the video – Brian Williams, Steve Ballmer, Matthew McConaugheyr as a personal trainer replied “Uh, not yet” when Gates asked “Am I ready to take my shirt off yet?”, Robbie Bach, Jay-Z who sang “Big Pimpin” and said to the camera “Somebody’s got to tell him it was horrible,” Bono from US who said he can’t hire his band’s The Edge guitarist just because Bill Gates racked up a high score on Guitar Hero, and said “Bill’s always had a passion for music and as long as it’s not my music, I’m fine with that” and the sends audition tapes to Steven Spielberg, who also appeared in the video clip. Other actors include George Clooney, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show who rejected Gates as co-host, Kevin Turner, Hillary Clinton who said “I’m not sure politics is really for you” when Gates asked her about Presidential running mate, Barack Obama who can’t figured out whether it’s Bill Shatner of Star Trek, Bill Clinton or Bill Gates, Al Gore, Ray Ozzie, Craig Mundie and more.

One thing for sure is that Bill Gates will not ask for job from anyone before, on and after his last day of work at Microsoft. With tons of money and commitment to charitable cause, there is plenty of works waiting for him.