CADVault is the improved version of CADLock SE first introduced in 1997, and previously known as CADLock eVault for AutoCAD. CADVault for AutoCAD secures both graphical and non-graphical elements within an AutoCAD drawing file by embedding those elements into an electronic vault object. Only the creator or owner of a vault object is allowed to extract the embedded objects back into the host drawing model or paper space, and the vault object can place restrictions on how the embedded elements may be used or exposed depending on the credentials of the person using the drawing file. In CADVault, credentials may be provided in several forms, including passwords or digital certificates. It also consists of CADVault Runtime, an object enabler and CADVault for AutoCAD which is the user interface component.

Cadalyst (dead link) reviews CADVault for AutoCAD and highly recommends CADVault with comment that CADVault is an excellent tool for securing AutoCAD drawings. It provides an effective method for securing part or all of a drawing while maintaining an option for the recipient to view and print secured drawing objects. CADVault is easy to use, and I found the product support exceptional. CADVault could be improved with a batch processing method that would allow non-programmers to process multiple drawings.