When users try to copy files from a server or remote computer on a network to a system running Windows Vista, the copy process may stop responding (hang), and simply won’t finish off. The copying file operating dialog window with progress bar also won’t close despite the status indicates all files have been copied. The “Calculating Time Remaining” title copying window stays on the screen with a message that resembles the following text.

Calculating Time Remaining

0 minutes remaining

If you facing the exact same symptom, where copying files from network shared folders or drives, you can request to obtain the supported KB931770 hotfix from Microsoft Customer Support Services. Alternatively, download the KB931770 update hotfix for Windows Vista from the links below.

It appears that this hotfix may also solve slow file copying and moving problem in Windows Vista.

KB931770 Update Package for 32-bit Windows Vista (x86): Windows6.0_KB931770_x86.msu (no longer available)
KB931770 Update Package for 64-bit Windows Vista (x64): Windows6.0_KB931770_x64.msu (no longer available)