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Canon XL H1

Canon XL H1 Reviews and Comparisons

Digital Journalist (link dead): One problem, as of the time this review was written, is that at present there is no plug-in solution that will allow HD editing from the tape. There is no doubt that Canon has raised the bar much higher in the camcorder business with the XL H1; it has closed the gap between high-end prosumer cameras and broadcast cameras. This is a camera that a broadcast cameraperson can be comfortable with. It is heavy enough to give you back problems, which is what these people want. (“You’re not really a professional broadcast shooter till you have your first herniated disc.”)

However, this is not a camera for a backpack VJ or an ordinary videophile. It is just too heavy. This is meant for heavy-duty, hard-core (sic) professional use. If you are a filmmaker you can put those “prime” Panavision lenses on it, and the camera will do whatever you ask of it. However, if you are a Platypus, don’t worry, Canon has some nice surprises coming to a store near you in the next few months.

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