CE-Star 2.8 for Windows Mobile 5 (WM5) Chinese/Japanese enabler software suite for Windows Mobile 5.0 based devices which integrates Chinese handwriting recognition in freehand or boxed mode and dictionary. CE-Star 2.8 also contains over 8 input methods: Pinyi, Changjie, Zhuyin, Cantonese, Quick Changjie jei, Phonetic, DaYi, Array, WuBi etc.

CE-Star 2.8 comes in 2 package: standard and suite. Standard version has all features of CE-Star 2.8 Suite except handwriting recognition. You can download evaluation version from the developer Mobem (no longer available). Trial version of CE-Star allows you to you use 10 minutes for Chinese keyboard input and 50 characters for handwriting recognition, and limit to 15 days trial period.

However, if you own O2 Xda Atom Pocket PC Phone Windows Mobile, there is a problem that causes soft keypad cannot be used, due to O2 Atom’s driver has defections which make the input method editor non-switchable. The default download link will lead you to default version of CE-Star 2.8, instead of Atom-specific version.

To download trial version of CE-Star 2.8 for O2 Atom for evaluation, use this link:

ver28wm5atom2r.rar (resource no longer available)

Warning: The following section contains tutorial to register CE-Star 2.8 to continue using it after trial period for reference purpose. If you intend to use CE-Star beyond trial period, you should purchase it. This guide involves using a leaked serial key to register CE-Star 2.8 WM5 for O2 Atom to crack or hack evaluation limitation, so no key generator is required.

  1. Install CE-Star 2.8 for O2 Xda Atom downloaded from link above. If prompted for registration serial, use the below key.
  2. Launch CE-Star from Start -> Programs.
  3. Enter any user name in the first text box.
  4. In the second text box, enter the registration code: F46ZMMHJ40QY-AGZ1
  5. Click OK when prompted about the need to restart.
  6. DON’T restart, instead power off the Atom.
  7. Power on the Atom (The process is to make the registration permanent).
  8. Check the registration key is registered by clicking About at CE-Star.