Has anyone Googled?” By now you should knew that Google has officially became a verb word in dictionary, which mean to search for information using Google search engine. Using Google as a verb in everyday life has started since emerging of Google by October 10, 1999. However, in 2006, not only the word Google that has gaining popularity. Have you ever heard of Celebutard, Jagshemash, No noising, Polska zywnosc and Truthiness? If you don’t, may be read more newspaper or online forums. But even if you heard before, do you know the meaning or definition of these hottest new words of 2006?


Thanks to George W. Bush, currently President of United States of America and it’s non-sense war on Iraq, and his clownishly nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, Truthiness has been created and even selected as Word of the Year for 2005 by the American Dialect Society and for 2006 by Merriam-Webster. Truthiness refers to concepts of quality by which a person claims to know something intuitively, instinctively, or “from the gut” without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or actual facts. In other words, as long as you feel or wish the “fact” is true, it’s correct no matter there is any truth or fact supported in reality.


Jagshemash is phonetic transcription of a Polish greeting “Jak sie masz?” (“Jak się masz?”) or the Czech “Jak se máš?” (both belongs to similar Slavic languages) which means: “Hello, how are you?” It’s pronounced like “jag she mash”, thus is been written down as Jagshemash. The Jagshemash is made famous by Borat Sagdiyev, a fictional Kazakhstani journalist invented and portrayed by the British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in Da Ali G Show.


A famous person who able to rise to fame but stupid or without having a high IQ. Commonly refer to a celebrity who is, or is thought to be, unintelligent, or current crop of vapid celebrities. The celebutard is said to be first used in a New York Times article about Paris Hilton.


If you thought about Paris Hilton again, then you’re almost right. Very similar to celebutard, but refers to a person of which high society status and massive wealth whose famous just for the fact of being rich and fabulous. Suitable to describe a socialite who is “famous for being famous.” Paris Hilton, Ally Hilfiger, and Fabian Basabe are all noted celebutantes.

No Noising

Quiet please! Made famous in China as top Chinglish (Chinese-English) words of 2006.

Polska Zywnosc

Polish food. If you look for Polish food to eat, look out for the sign with these words. But look out for misspelled words, it’s common.