Google Adsense is an advertising network that allows publishers to display relevant Google ads that are relevant and related to the contents on their websites’ web pages, and in the process, earn money from the ads displayed. And the ads shown are specifically related to what shown on the web page that the visitors are looking, or matched to the characteristics and interests of the visitors your content attracts, so it’s a way to both monetize and enhance the content pages.

New Google Adsense Ads Format

Google Adsense seems to have unlimited supply of ads available on variety of keywords. And now it seems like Google tries expand the availability of ads from the keywords and various related keywords to the visitors. Previously Google has displayed search box on Google Adsense ads blocks that allow visitors to input keywords or phrases to search for ads that interest them. And now Adsense publishers’ ads blocks will randomly display “Change to ads about” links with several ads topics below it that visitors can click on and view the ads that associate with the topic’s keyword.

The predefined ads topics in the list “Change to ads about” are closely related to the contents, as expected, and thus similar to the ads already shown too, other than they may be bid by advertisers using another keywords. Anyway, it’s not a new Adsense ads format, but just a realignment and changing of top, bottom, left or right part of existing ads format to allow more choice to the visitors. Whether or not visitors will utilise the feature remains to be seen. If they do click on any “about ads”, the new ads based on new keyword will reload on the same screen.

To publishers, whether it’s the best ads format feature is not clear, as Google Adsense should have algorithm and mechanism to display the best possible bid for particular related keywords. And the “about ads” display is quite similar to Adlinks, and sometimes the ads may be similar to regular Adlinks ads format.