Ever wonder who is behind the most powerful websites in the world? Who is Hosting This is a service which allows users to easily check and find out which web host is hosting a particular web site. In other words, you can easily identify what’s the web hosting company or provider that a web site is using. Arm with this information, people searching for a good web hosting service can judge by assessing the performance of existing web sites that are identified to be hosted with the web hosting provider.

Check out the underlying web host of a website with Who is Hosting This here.

To use the service, simply type in any domain name, and you’ll get a link to the company that’s hosting this particular domain. However, not all results are accurate, although it’s pretty close, as the script is using the IP address of the website to determine the web hosting provider from WHOIS database. If the owner of the IP address is not the web hosting company itself, or the web host leases the IP address, then the results will be invalid.