Chitika | iBought Product Sharing Application for Facebook Profile

»»»Chitika | iBought Product Sharing Application for Facebook Profile
Chitika, a leading “blog dollars” blogger-driven merchandising and shopping network company which pioneers the impulse marketing using eMiniMalls contextual advertising ads unit, has released Chitika | iBought widget for Facebook social network site. Chitika | iBought is a Facebook application that can be added to the Facebook user profile to tell and share with friends, coursemates, colleagues, mates, and peers about the new products that user has recently purchased.


iBought also features ability for users to comment on the products and describe how they feel about your purchase or the product. User can rate and give a purchase rating of a thumbs up for good buy or thumbs down if you don’t like it. And of course, as Chitika is a marketing firm, iBought will also display best and cheapest deals from name brand merchants for each product bought, eliminating the need for those who want the same thing to search for it online.


If you’re Facebook users, you can add iBought application (no longer available) to your profile now. Else you will need to register for an user account in Facebook.

For Chitika publishers, there is also a referral program ongoing now until USD $10,000 is paid, where webmaster will earn USD $1.00 each time Chitika | iBought is added to a Facebook account via publisher’s referral link.

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