Facebook officially adds an “Clear All” feature into the popular social networking service to allow Facebook users to easily delete and ignore all requests and invitations to join application or games at simple one click. With the introduction and increasingly popular of third-party developed application add-ons to Facebook, a lot of users have been bombarded by friends with various requests and invitations to add these applications.

If you don’t bother to join and response to these requests and invitations, Facebook has added a “clear all” option to wipe off and remove all pending requests and invitations, but only if you have more than 25 requests waiting on your Requests page.

Facebook Clear All Requests

With the addition of “Clear All” function, users no longer in need to use IgnoreAll bookmarklet to perform the hack to ignore all requests. However, some users may stick with IgnoreAll as official Facebook version will only appear after users have accumulated at least 25 requests.

To clear all requests, go to the Requests page at https://www.facebook.com/reqs.php (no longer valid as Facebook has undergone major changes over the years). Then click on ignore all.

Facebook Ignore All Requests

Then select (tick) all types of requests that want to be ignored, e.g. application requests.

Facebook Ignore All Requests

Click on Ignore these requests to have the requests list empty.