Clevo MobiNote series notebook computer M570A is 17″ WXGA or WSXGA or WUXGA TFT LCD Widescreen notebook running on Intel Pentium M Processor. The laptop also features nVIDIA GeForce Go 7800 GTX or nVIDIA Quadro Fx Go 1400 or ATi Mobility Radeon X700 to X800 and Dual Channel DDR-2 533Mhz memory to satisfy the need of hardcore gamers for a mobile gaming machine.

Clevo M570A

NotebookReview used the Clevo M570A and concluded that “I was about to go for a Dell XPS M170, but I would have payed close to $1000 or more for the same thing. Im sure the XPS is a nice machine, but its a little too pricey for me. Additionally, since I want to be able to use my laptop at work, I can’t have a laptop that looks like a pure gaming machine, and this laptop does that job while still maintaining plenty of style.

All of the latest games can be played with ease. Battlefield 2 at highest settings and resolution? No problem.

Unfortunately, the problems with the sound and wireless, and the fact that I have to look into a USB wireless card since I only have one PCMCIA slot for the Sound Blaster, forces me to give the laptop a somewhat less than perfect rating. But the quality and value of the laptop make it well worth the purchase despite these flaws. I give it an A-.”

The Good

  • Blazing fast processor and video card
  • No stability issues
  • Very well priced for what I am getting ($2200)
  • Beautiful, good quality build and design (professional look)
  • Great LCD screen with gloss coating (option to get one without)
  • Lightweight for a desktop replacement
  • Decent onboard sound quality
  • A1 Customer support from ISTNC

The Bad

  • Wireless has issues
  • Heavy for a laptop
  • Hiss in the background with sound, and chirping noise on headphones when IRDA is enabled
  • Only one PCMCIA slot – Meaning I can’t have one of those PCMCIA Sound Blasters and a PCMCIA wireless at the same time

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