Clevo MobiNote M570A Review by NotebookReview

»»Clevo MobiNote M570A Review by NotebookReview
Clevo MobiNote series notebook computer M570A is 17″ WXGA or WSXGA or WUXGA TFT LCD Widescreen notebook running on Intel Pentium M Processor. The laptop also features nVIDIA GeForce Go 7800 GTX or nVIDIA Quadro Fx Go 1400 or ATi Mobility Radeon X700 to X800 and Dual Channel DDR-2 533Mhz memory to satisfy the need of hardcore gamers for a mobile gaming machine.

Clevo M570A

NotebookReview used the Clevo M570A and concluded that “I was about to go for a Dell XPS M170, but I would have payed close to $1000 or more for the same thing. Im sure the XPS is a nice machine, but its a little too pricey for me. Additionally, since I want to be able to use my laptop at work, I can’t have a laptop that looks like a pure gaming machine, and this laptop does that job while still maintaining plenty of style.

All of the latest games can be played with ease. Battlefield 2 at highest settings and resolution? No problem.

Unfortunately, the problems with the sound and wireless, and the fact that I have to look into a USB wireless card since I only have one PCMCIA slot for the Sound Blaster, forces me to give the laptop a somewhat less than perfect rating. But the quality and value of the laptop make it well worth the purchase despite these flaws. I give it an A-.”

The Good

  • Blazing fast processor and video card
  • No stability issues
  • Very well priced for what I am getting ($2200)
  • Beautiful, good quality build and design (professional look)
  • Great LCD screen with gloss coating (option to get one without)
  • Lightweight for a desktop replacement
  • Decent onboard sound quality
  • A1 Customer support from ISTNC

The Bad

  • Wireless has issues
  • Heavy for a laptop
  • Hiss in the background with sound, and chirping noise on headphones when IRDA is enabled
  • Only one PCMCIA slot – Meaning I can’t have one of those PCMCIA Sound Blasters and a PCMCIA wireless at the same time

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