Alexa provides webmasters and developers valuable and detailed traffic statistics and traffic ranking to their blogs or websites. Although often doubted and criticized about Alexa traffic data due to the fact that the traffic data only captured from Internet surfers who install Alexa toolbar. However, Alexa traffic rank and detail still provides much valuable information to webmasters, as described by Alexaholic.

Here are a few reasons you should like Alexa:

  1. Alexa is currently the best source for free and public comparative Web user traffic data.
  2. Newbies with the Alexa Toolbar are not the only source of data. Firefox users with Craig Raw’s cool SearchStatus extension should note that their browsing behavior is similarly being phoned-home to Alexa, and included in the statistics you see here.
  3. Statistical significance is attainable with only a small subset of the population – ask a pollster or a high school math teacher.
  4. The key is “comparative” traffic data. If you want to know exactly how many page views and visitors your site is getting, get a good web server log analysis tool. But if you want to quickly compare your site’s traffic to your competitors’ sites, Alexa is your friend.

Alexaholic allows user to compare and measure up to 5 websites statistics based on data from Alexa. But instead of usual comparison as in Alexa website, Alexaholic makes Alexa Traffic Charts more usable by putting them into a Ajax-enhanced lightweight interactive interface which allows user to switch traffic chart types and ranges without page loads, and provides easily-bookmarked pages. Beside, there is also Alexaholic Chartlet (no longer available) that can be embedded on own website or blog.

Alexaholic homepage lists several classic comparison matchups such as between + +, between + + + +, between +, between + +, between + + + + and between + + + + Note that too your Alexaholic requests will be listed in recent request fix list.

Compare website statistics with Alexaholic (renamed Statsaholic and now owned by Amazon’s Alexa after litigation).