If you own and have a USB flash drive (UFD, also known as thumbdrive, memory key and etc) such as SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive, Kingston U3 DataTraveler, Verbatim U3 SmartDrive and other flash drive that has built-in support for U3 platform and comes preinstalled with U3 launchpad, and like the convenient of portable applications and software, you can now create or convert applications into U3 compliant format with PackageFactory for U3 so that it can run from U3 USB flash drive.

PackageFactory for U3 by eure.ca is a free utility (for non-commercial use) that convert any application or executable EXE into a U3P Package File which is compatible and compliant with U3 Smart Drive platform and U3 Launchpad. You can then install this U3P file onto any U3-compatible flash drive.

Although PackageFactory for U3 is free for non-commercial use, and can be used without restriction or limitation, however, it will append “U3 build by Eure.ca” to the description of the U3P Package file. Beside, PackageFactory for U3 works best for simple programs and applications with few support files that are U3-aware, or at least rely minimally on Windows Registry, so that the apps can take full advantage of U3 platform, although you can add as many supporting DLLs and other EXEs as you need.

Download PackageFactory for U3 (658 Kb)