Crannog Software’s NetFlow Tracker is a management tool that collects and interprets a huge amount of data from any IOS-based Cisco router or switch, providing detailed, real-time information about the traffic those devices are handling by using Cisco NetFlow technology which is embedded in IOS in almost all routers and chassis based switches. NetFlow Tracker can instantly and continuously profile all traffic going through the network and present a detailed graphical view in increments as small as 1 minute, thus providing real-time network analysis and ability to drill down into bandwidth utilisation without the complication and expense of hardware probes.

IT Week reviews Crannog Software NetFlow Tracker and concludes that Tracker collects very detailed traffic information based on Cisco NetFlow technology to aid network troubleshooting, capacity planning and security enforcement. The advantages of NetFlow Tracker uses existing NetFlow technology so no extra probe hardware needed, supports IPFix standard and multi-platform application with bundled MySQL database server. However, some weak points include huge amount of detailed data can be difficult to manage and interface and tools unsuitable for non-technicians.

Note: Crannog Software NetFlow Tracker is now Fluke Networks OptiView NetFlow Tracker after the acquisition.

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