Criss Angle Vanishing Under Table Magic Trick Revealed

»»Criss Angle Vanishing Under Table Magic Trick Revealed
It supposed to be a perfect magic trick for Criss Angel, a famous magician who can walks on water. Criss Angel supposed to make himself disappear and vanish into thin air while he covered himself on a table. And he made it, with ‘real people and real setting’. Unlike levitation secret, he didn’t intend to reveal the secret technique behind the vanishing illusion, but some sharp audiences’ eyes managed to catch the trick and reveal the secret.

Let’s see how’s the vanishing ‘under table’ magic trick was performed by Criss Angle. It’s shown on Criss Angel Mindfreaks on A&E Network.

Video no longer available

Manage to see the trick? Well, if you don’t, the following video will reveal the trick that Criss Angel used to make himself vanished into thin air, while hiding behind a mirror under table.

Video no longer available

Obviously, it’s mirror that hides Criss Angel under the table. The leads including the mirrored shadow from the foreground to the background, and bad acting by the ‘real people’.

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