BigBruin reviewd Crucial Gizmo! Overdrive 1GB USB Flash Drive which bootst up to 80X write speed (13MB/s) and up to 160X read speed (25MB/s). The USB thumb drive that been reviewed also comes with Gizmo! security software.

Crucial Gizmo!Overdrive 1GB USB Flash Drive

Overall, BigBruin concluded that “The Crucial Gizmo! 1GB USB Flash Drive performed within 12% of the maximum transfer rates published by Crucial in the software benchmarks. In the real-world tests the results improved, with write speeds of 11MB/s and read speeds of 23MB/s. All of our tests demonstrated under certain conditions the transfer rates that Crucial advertises are definitely possible. The additional functionality of the encryption-based PortableVault software helps improve this product’s rating. It is reassuring that personal or confidential data will remain safe on this drive, even if the Gizmo! is lost or stolen.

The Crucial Gizmo! 1GB USB Flash Drive boasts impressive data transfer speeds and useful security software, earning the Gizmo! 4 out of 5 stars and a rating of “Recommended”.”

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