Dell Inspiron 710m is a ultra-portable, thin and light notebook computer from Dell, which is a little enhancement over its predecessor Dell Inspiron 700m. Dell Inspiron 710m features 12.1″ WXGA LCD Display (1280×800), Intel Pentium M Processor, PC2700 RAM, CD/DVD Dual Layer +/- Recorder, integrated Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), 56Kbps modem, Ethernet, S-Video out, four-pin FireWire, USB 2.0, headphone port, microphone port, and one Type II PC Card slot , plus an extended battery.

Dell Inspiron 710m

NotebookReview reviewed Dell Inspiron 710m and concluded that “overall, I’m very pleased with the choice that I’ve made. To be honest, I almost returned it twice – once when I heard about the launch of Dell’s XPS M1210, and again when the MacBook was launched. I’m glad I decided to keep it, as the MacBook seems to be having a number of issues with heat and I wouldn’t be surprised if both fall short in terms of battery life.

Unfortunately it seems Dell has pulled the 710m from their lineup on the Canadian site, hopefully to be replaced by another ultraportable (though most likely only to be replaced by the XPS M1210). If you can find one new/used on eBay for a good price, it makes an excellent school/work notebook if portability and battery life are your two main concerns. If the small screen size really worries you for home use, the 710m can easily be hooked up to your standard desktop components for more comfortable use.”


Small form factor
High resolution (1280×800) widescreen display
Integrated optical drive (and a dual layer DVD burner at that)
Decent port selection
Great battery life with 8 cell
Quiet, cool operation
Powerful operation, considering battery life and overall size
Clean looks and design, improved over the 700m


Integrated graphics
Odd port placement
Build quality could use improvement
Cheap, loud mouse buttons
Cramped keyboard, half-sized keys

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