Dell Inspiron E1405 notebook computer also known as Dell Inspiron 640m in Dell’s Small Business website. Inspiron E1405 or Inspiron 640m is a multimedia entertainment biased upgrade from Dell XPS M140 which as known as Dell Inspiron 630m in Small Business website. The laptop features Intel Yonah Core Duo processor, 14.1″ UltaSharp Widescreen with TrueLife technology LCD, DDR2 SDRAM 533 MHz, built-in Wireless LAN and runs on Microsoft Windows XP Media Center edition.

Dell Inspiron E1405

NotebookReview reviewed Dell Inspiron E1405 and concluded that “the main charm of the Inspiron e1405 is that it manages to provide good portability, pleasurable viewing and high performance at a low cost. With this particular model, there were very few flaws, and none of these was sufficient to warn against this notebook. What impressed me most was the display, though I had recently made a decision to go with a lower resolution matte screen when actually purchasing a notebook for myself. I really enjoyed watching a DVD on the e1405 and found the display surprisingly easy to work with during normal usage, too. What strikes me about the e1405 is that it accomplishes so much in a small package and does so at such a low cost. There’s no way I would purchase a non-dual-core machine, now that I’ve used a couple of dual cores, and though some people might think it’s worth waiting for 64-bit dual core, for my own purposes I consider two years to be a reasonable life for a computer, and figure 32-bit is good enough for this period, provided multiple applications can be run with speed and efficiency, which the Yonah accomplishes. When looking to purchase a notebook computer, it can be useful to think in two-hundred-dollar increments, I find. While there are notebooks available for five or six hundred dollars, these generally have severe limitations and I wouldn’t consider any of them, whereas the e1405, at the next step up on the price ladder, has very few limitations, especially when its portability is factored into the mix.”

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