Dell Home Systems Inspiron E1505 is a laptop powered with Intel Dual Core processor, DDR2 Dual Channel memory and 15.4-inch Ultrasharp SXGA+ widescreen LCD display with TrueLife. The notebook aims to deliver quality entertainment experience beside unbeatable productivity.

Dell Inspiron e1505

After review, NotebookReview said “The Dell Inspiron e1505 is a fairly run-of-the mill notebook for a bargain price, but it offers a few surprises. The 2 GHz Core Duo CPU is rockin’ fast. Even with this performance, battery life was impressive, and 5+ hours should be possible with the optional 9-cell battery. My only real gripe is with the screen. The slight shimmer, light leakage, and brightness that seems like it’s turned down half a notch make it fall behind other notebooks. Still, the screen is better than most bargain notebooks, and better than anything from a few years ago. It’s also very sharp and high resolution. This, along with the nice keyboard, makes for a positive ergonomic experience.”


Top-Notch computing performance in non-3D applications
Awesome for multi-taskers
Very respectable battery life
Quiet under normal use
Mostly cool running
Good keyboard
Surprisingly good speakers


Build quality could be improved some.
Not available with high end graphics (yet?), must get splendider XPS line for that.
Best of three available screens is not that great.
No non-glossy option for high resolution or expanded viewing angle.

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