Dell Notebook Order Delivery Delay – Shipment May Takes Weeks

»»Dell Notebook Order Delivery Delay – Shipment May Takes Weeks
Plan to buy notebook or laptop computer from Dell, especially the popular XPS M1330 ultraportable lightweight notebook, be prepared to wait for weeks, if not months to get the laptop delivered to your home. The customers shipment delivery delay affects almost all Dell XPS, Inspiron and Latitude notebook and Vostro desktop computer orders placed worldwide, and to make matter worse, the shipment delay plague is not yet a history for Dell, and the shortage of the company’s consumer notebook models likely to last into October or November.


The delays surfaced earlier this month when customers who have placed order on notebook been informed that their original shipment date has been postponed. The delay is caused by 2 issues according to Reuters (link dead), a supply chain problem on LED backlight LCD display screen component, and trouble perfecting new paint jobs. Dell explained about the delay in several Direct2Dell blog posts (links dead), where they blamed the delay on limited initial supply, and now industry-wide constraints on components such as WLED display, and the difficulty in getting good painting quality on notebook case when volume going up. And most importantly, the demand ‘is exceeding their expectation’, and far overwhelm the pace of which the computer can be supplied.

Dell XPS M1330

The LED backlist LCD flat panel display is what makes a notebook to be extremely light compared with older version, and the specialized color options, a rare configuration options for Dell which favors “build-to-order” business model, is a step by Dell to boost sales by offering more personalization, comparing with previously rather dull and boring default box package choice.

According to DigiTimes, the supply crunch on Dell XPS M1330, Inspiron and Latitude notebook and several models of Vostro desktop computer may last into October or November. So before you place your order to buy a Dell machine, make sure you don’t need it urgently, as you may receive notice anytime without warning that your estimated ship date is delayed, again.

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  • Allen

    It's not just the 'home' laptops that are being delayed. I have on order now an M4300, the M90 and the D830 as well as the D630 laptop – ordered end of July, and still in pre-production phase with October estimated delivery. I have already had to cancel orders for D520 and resort to an HP NC6320 instead.

    I guess now a good opportunity to consider moving to HP.

  • Paul Nolan

    I too ordered a Dell Latitude 830 Notebook which showed a 'Quick Delivery' Icon on the Dell Website.

    The series of events:

    28 August 2007: Spoke to Rishi Kumar at Dell and ordered a Dell Latitude Notebook. I was assured before I confirmed my order that the Notebook would be delivered in 8 days once I confirmed the order by email, which I did.

    7 September 2007: Notebook not arrived, I called Mr Kumar again. He told me that there was a slight delay in the LCD screen from Dell's suppliers and that he would 'fasttrack' my order and I can expect delivery in another 8 days.

    15th September 2007: Notebook not arrived. I checked the Dell Order Status Web Page to find my notebook was still in 'pre-production' and the estimated delivery date was now 4th October 2007! I called Dell and Spoke to Mr Kumar's colleague (name not understood) who told me that they were expecting a delivery of LCD screens in the next 4 days and that she would also 'fasttrack' my order, but that 4th October is the delivery date.

    19th September 2007: Dell take payment for Notebook from my bank account.

    2nd October 2007: Received an email from to say that the Estimated Delivery Date is now 8th November 2007!!!

    I called Mr Kumar yet again and asked for an explanation as to why he originally told me delivery in 8 days from the order, and why it is now expected to be 72 days from te order date. He could offer no explanation (what a surprise!) and just apologised. I asked about compensation, and suggested an upgrade in memory on the laptop and a notebook backpack. He said "I can't do that until after the order has been dispatched". So thats not going to happen then is it? More lies. So my advice is this, If you want to order anything from Dell, if their lips move and sound comes from their mouth, assume they are lying and DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!

  • Paul

    Back in September 8th i ordered a Dell xps m1710.

    it's purpose was to help me through university as i am doing a product design course, so a pretty high end laptop was required.

    I bought it upon knowing i would get it within 10days, after ten days, the website displayed 14th November?

    Today… 10th November the website now displays 31st December???

    How long must i wait, i originally ordered this knowing when i'd get it, now i can barely believe that i will get it before the 31st December!!

  • Abhinandan US

    THis thread has got me all concerned…i ordered for inspiron on 19th nov and as of today it says ready to be shipped from the company. hope i get it soon.!

    PS: did u guys finally get it?

  • Allen

    It's all fixed now. I ordered six Latitude laptops, five Optiplex desktops, a server and a tape library on Friday morning and all arrived today!!! They've not only fixed the problem, but they seem to have improved on their previous delivery times as well.

    Back to Dell.


  • Abhinandan US

    Cool.My order status shows that the build is complete and ready to ship from factory on 20th updates after that..

    but atleast i know there is not delay in assembling !

    i am situated in bangalore (india).. hope it reaches well before promised 10th dec !

  • anoop

    I ordered a dell Inspiron 1721 on Dec 28, 2007

    Got an email yesterday that the new delivery date is February 22, 2008

    I'm afraid, my laptop configuration will get outdated by the time it arrives !!!

  • AK47611

    Anoop I'm in a similar situation. Ordered Inspiron 1720 Jan 1 08. Checked order status the day after and it said EDD 16th Jan. I thought fair enough even they said 10 days. It also said preparing for production as of 2nd January. Why when i checked the status yesterday did it say it had only just been prepared for production as of the 17th Jan?and my delivery date is now 26th Feb!Wot the ****. Rang dell and was given the poorest service the woman was clearly out of her depth unable to give me any aswers.Damn right it will be outdated by the time it arrives

  • Deathangel

    well, I have been waiting for about 4 months (b4 christmas) This is so redicoules I have been told so many times it would come In a few weeks and they keep pusing it back further and further.

  • Zhao

    i ordered mine may 26th. now its june 26th, it has been delayed twice, and i called in once, they promised it will be shipped today.. but checked status, …its a no go. bull s*** Dell, man F*** it.

  • mansoor

    I ordered mine on the 30th of May and was told by the nice lady from dell that it will not take more than a week so dont worry about the delivery date of 15th june. But the latest mails tell me that i am on priority list and still i will be informed on the 16th of june when can the sytem be delivered. I was in a hurry for my exams. Oh please dell I dont want your notebook, please……… Not a performance one would expect from one of top 50 company in the world. You must go DOWN. The wonder the world economy is crashing.

  • Phil

    I ordered an Inspirion 1011 and a Sony Webbie HD on the 21st of June, still awaiting a shipping confirmation, but no biggie. My hopes are to have them before the 4th.

    I work for a company which produces circuit boards, and I understand how delays happen. Often a vendor for components is backlogged or understaffed, or just had stupid employees so things get delayed. However, the company I work for has structured its self to have a 92% on time delivery. We have an inventory (overhead) with the most common parts, and we track due dates and staff accordingly to accomplish the job in time, or sooner.

    The last Dell I purchased back in 2004 came early, and I hope the same for this one. With job cutbacks in many companies, I can forsee it being delayed however. It's the nature of manufacturing.

    My hopes are still up, and I still persistantly check eagerly for that shipping confirmation.

    At least however, they can post why delays happen so people know… knowledge is power, and generally solves most problems.

  • krizz

    Ordered a Dell studio XPS 16 on the 28th of October.ETD was initially 11th of Nov, then on no news.Rang up Dell and was kept on hold for 15 mins or more atleast four times. Finally when I am on, the executive seems to have no idea as to when will a delivery be made. Even today on the 20 th Nov, their orderstatus site shows me no dates. I say..Fuck them on allsides…and Mr.Dell you better stepdown, coz it aint worth running a company which keeps such a lot of costumers blind and unsatisfyed…Booo!!!

  • Paul Carruthers

    It sounds like you got off lightly there – if only you had the experience I‘ve had with dell over the last several days.

    I paid for an order of a PSU, which was critical to the running of our small business, to be delivered sooner (3-4 working days). The order doesnt arrive, in fact it seems to have sat and waited at the Depot/Hub since the first day it was dispatched (5 days ago) and they simply say it’s not thier issue and to wait for phone call off the courier.

    Date Time Location Activity







    Today is 08/12/09

    – In total I’ve had nearly three HOURS of waiting and being transferred on the phone

    – I’ve had the phone put down on me THREE TIMES

    – I’ve had two completely different responses, the first saying it was thier issue and they were going to find out what was wrong – CLICK phone goes dead. The next person saying it wasn’t thier issue (I have her name)

    – I’ve simply pointed the fact to them that if they see my track and trace on the item, it has not moved for 5 days even though it’s on a 3-4 working days delivery – I asked if this seems strange and to look into it.

    It’s been a week since my order and I have absolultely no idea when I will receive it, if someone is going to contact me, or if I should spend another 3 hours calling Dell again.

    Paul Carruthers

    paul at resike dot co dot uk

  • Deep

    I ordered mine studio xps 13 on 27th January was ensured to get it after 10 days but to be on safe side asked to wait for 15 days now they need more 5 days i dont think dell is one of the best company anymore we have to wait like for months to finally get thye shit box becoz it becomes shitbox after months with outdated parts and need an immediate upgrade.

  • kirra

    I ordered my dell on the 26th on january if not before that, they told me my transaction didnt go through till 2 weeks after which was a lie cause credit card transactions go through traight away i hve been waiting a month now it is the 26th of february,I have had the worst customer experience & have been waiting on the phone for 1 hr to see were the hell my laptop is. I rang them all last week since it was meant to be here on the 17th of february. does anyone know the dell courier number or where they get sent from in qld?

  • Luke

    I've ordered 2 XPS16 laptops on 4th of February and had nothing but BS service from Dell. The tracking page has not been working properly my emails take a week to get responded to, if at all. Still waiting for responses to two emails both sent over a week ago. I've called a few times and either been lied to or hung up on, I think I've spent a total of 2 hours listening to their crap hold music. It's now over a month after ordering and two ETAs have passed and they now are saying that it's in Australia and should be delivered this week sometime. I have never dealt with a company with such pathetic customer service before and will never buy Dell again. There is a good chance I will return these when they turn up if I find anything wrong with them. I could have and should have gone and bought straight from a local store like I usually do.