In this globalization age and informational age, shift happens, things changes. Sometimes, unexpected may happens too. Not believe? Watch the following videos.

Did You Know 2.0 (Updated Version)

The videos is prepared by Karl Fisch, as a presentation during his faculty meeting to provoke thinking, and discussing about the world their students are entering, and what needs to be equipped on these students in order to be successful in the 21st century, and then how that might impact what teachers do in classrooms.

If you think that the presentation is kind of fake, mind you that all these interesting facts are backed up by proofs and sources. You can view the source for Did You Know here (no longer available).

One term I found especially interesting in BG or B.G (Before Google), in a similar representation with B.C (Before Christ). Google was founded in 1998. And if Google manages to change the way of our live just like Jesus did (Google God), we may well have term A.G or AG (After Google) or GE (Google Era) to replace AD (Anno Domini) and CE (Common Era / Current Era). In this case, this year 2007 is 10 AG.