Firefox 3 (FF3) incorporates a new and smart Location Bar (also known as URL address bar) which has intelligent learning feature while user using the Location Bar. Firefox 3 Location Bar AutoComplete function will automatically search for possible matching sites from browsing sites, typed URLs, tagged websites and bookmarked sites while user typing in term, and this mixture of website addresses also applied to the drop down list of Location Bar.

When click on the down arrow at the end of the Firefox 3 Location Bar, a drop down list is pulled out, showing a combination of URLs which made out of directly type website URL address, bookmarks (favorites), tagged sites, web pages opened in tabs, and last visited sites. Previously in Firefox 2 or earlier version, only URL locations which were directly typed into Location Bar will be remembered and shown in the drop down list.

To revert to old style and working format of Firefox 2 Location Bar where only typed URLs or location addresses is shown and displayed in Firefox 3 Location Bar, configure and set the matchOnlyTyped to True.

Firefox 3 Location Bar Match Only Typed URLs

To do so, type about:config in the Location Bar, confirm you know what you’re doing by clicking on I’ll be careful, I promise! button. Then locate browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped preference name. By default, it will has the value of “false”. Double click on the link to change the value to true. Now, only typed URL will be taken into consideration in Location Bar.