CDImage is a popular CD-ROM and DVD-ROM image management tool and premastering utility. Although its functionality is dwarfed by modern advanced disc image manipulation software such as MagicISO, PowerISO and UltraISO, however CDImage is still a powerful application to create a N in 1 optical disk.

CDImage is a command line utility. A frontend graphical user interface has been created for CDImage, expectedly named as CMImage GUI or CDImageGUI, so that users can select all options and configure the settings they want without the need to remember and type the long commands.

CDImage GUI comes with built-in CDImage version 2.47, so it’s not necessary to download the CDImage separately. If you need standalone command line edition of CDImage, download from here (no longer available).

Download CDIMAGE_GUI.exe (in ZIP package).

Note that the cdimagegui.ini, which saves settings information has been pre-configured with recommended switches to create a bootable DVD image for Windows WIM files. You can also make your own changes to the configurations such as directories, volume label, and boot sector path.