Firefox 3, the latest version of increasingly popular Mozilla Firefox web browser, is set to release its official final version today, June 17th 2008. And the Firefox team is hoping to set a Guinness World Record by achieving Firefox 3 as the most downloaded software during the 24 hours in the Download Day.

The Genuine World Record Firefox 3 Download Day is set to be the same with the official Firefox 3 launch day which marks the general availability of Firefox 3. It’s hope to achieve 5 millions downloads of Firefox 3 on the day to at least surpass 1.6 millions downloads for Firefox 2 on its launch day. More details is available at (defunct).

Note that only completely and fully transmitted full version setup installer for Firefox 3 is considered to be a valid download. Partial or incomplete download or complete update downloaded does not count towards the world record number.

The download links for Firefox 3 is now up. The official launch will occur at 10 am PDT, June 17 2008, in a couple of minutes from now. By then, Firefox 3 will be able to download directly from Firefox website. The Firefox 3 final version is actually the same version with Firefox 3 RC3.

Well, with tremendous amount of hits, the Mozilla Firefox site may be down, not responding or inaccessible. Just try later or use the direct download links mentioned above.