If you’re attempting to download a large file (normally over 2GB in size) from Baidu Yun Pan cloud drive (pan.baidu.com), you will need to download and install a software called Baidu Yun Guanjia (literally Housekeeper or Steward of Baidu Cloud). Using the Baidu Yun Guanjia software ensures that big files can be downloaded easily and completely without fear of interruption, which waste the time and bandwidth if downloads have to be restarted from scratch instead of resuming. And it also does not guarantee fast download speed.

Baidu Pan Download Yun Guanjia Required

If you don’t want to install any additional software just to download from pan.baidu.com, follow the trick to bypass the Baidu Yun Guanjia software to directly downloading large files via HTTP or HTTPS:

  1. If you are not having a Baidu account yet, register a Baidu account that comes with free 2TB cloud storage.
  2. Open the URL of file that you want to download, e.g. http://pan.baidu.com/s/7788xxxx.
  3. Save the file that you want to download to your own Baidu Pan cloud storage drive by clicking on the “Save to Cloud Storage” blue button.

    Save to Baidu Pan Cloud Drive

  4. Go to your Baidu Pan cloud drive home page at http://pan.baidu.com/disk/home.
  5. In the web browser’s Address bar, modify the the URL by replacing the disk to wap so that the URL becomes:


    Baidu Pan Mobile URL

  6. Select the file that you want to download.

    Baidu Pan Mobile Interface

  7. Hit the “Download” blue button to start downloading the file via the browser without installing any software.

    Download Direct from Baidu Pan