Mozilla Firefox 2.0 is the next generation Firefox browser and is the major upgrade to the increasingly popular web browser since version 1.5. Firefox 2.0 has been in testing with various betas and release candidates since March and was delayed from original scheduled launch date in August to October due to bugs and security issues. The new Mozilla Firefox 2.0 features visual refresh, built-in phishing protection just like in IE7, enhanced search capabilities with search term suggestions, improved tabbed browsing, resuming your browsing session with Session Restore feature, previewing and subscribing to Web feeds, inline spell checking, Live Titles as bookmark, improved add-ons manager, JavaScript 1.7 support, extended search plugin format, updates to the extension system, client-side session, persistent storage, SVG text support, and now comes with a new Windows installer.

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 is released on 24 October 2006. Although not yet featured on Firefox homepage, the latest release of Firefox 2.0 can now be downloaded from various Mozilla FTP site and other HTTP or FTP mirrors. The direct download links for several mirrors and popular language releases are as below. Most of operating system is supported including Linux and Mac OS X. Languages supported include French, German, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, English (US), English (UK), Italian, Russian, Spanish and etc.

Download Mozilla Firefox 2.0 for All Operating System and Languages

Mozilla Foundation FTP Server
Mozilla Foundation HTTP Server

Download FireFox 2.0 for Windows (32-bit US English Edition)


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