Download Official Yahoo! Messenger Full Version Install Setup File

ยปยปยปDownload Official Yahoo! Messenger Full Version Install Setup File

Yahoo! Messenger version 8.1 is the current official final version of Yahoo! Messenger that is not in beta stage, while Yahoo! still simultaneously develop another 2 new versions of instant messaging (IM) clients – Yahoo! Messenger 9 (latest version and Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista (download Y!M for Vista beta version 2008.01.11.428) – both of which still in beta testing phase. If you’re not one that fond of be a ‘guinea pig’, the final 8.1 version is the way to go. And Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 build has been updated to

Skip downloading Yahoo! Suite Installer, which provides users with options to install also Yahoo! Toolbar, Quick Launch bar shortcut, Yahoo! Browser Services, and etc by using the direct download link below to get the true full version Yahoo! Messenger setup installer. The standalone Yahoo! Messenger installer also can be distributed for offline installation.

US English: ymsgr810_421_us.exe

Argentina: ymsgr810_421_ar.exe
Brazil: ymsgr810_421_br.exe
Canada: ymsgr810_421_ca.exe
Canada (Quebec French): ymsgr810_421_cf.exe
Yahoo! Telemundo (Latin America Spanish): ymsgr810_421_e1.exe
Mexico: ymsgr810_421_mx.exe

France: ymsgr810_421_fr.exe
Germany: ymsgr810_421_de.exe
Italy: ymsgr810_421_it.exe
Spain: ymsgr810_421_es.exe
UK & Ireland: ymsgr810_421_uk.exe

Australia & New Zealand: ymsgr810_421_au.exe

China (Simplified Chinese): ymsgr810_421_cn.exe
India (English): ymsgr810_421_in.exe
Hong Kong (Chinese): ymsgr810_421_hk.exe
Korea: ymsgr810_421_kr.exe
Singapore: ymsgr810_421_sg.exe
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese): ymsgr810_421_tw.exe

Update: Yahoo! Messenger

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    Thnx thnx thnx ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Zantorhp

    I jsut wanted to thank you for you provideing the full download I have tried for two days to download this from Yahoo. Onto my Windows Vista with no luck I used your link and downlade and got it all working in one shot Thanks so much,


  • Thank you for all these full download it sure will really help me install yahoo messenger on many pc without download again & again ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Atul Agrawal

    I jsut wanted to thank you for you provideing the full download I have tried many times for downloadig the Yahoo mesenger

    Again thank for such a great link

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  • kamran

    i want to downdoad yahoo massenger urgently


  • mahjongero23

    nice! finally got it to work despite workplace filters. thanks a lot!

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    Thanks a lot…. for how many months i tried to download this YM…

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    i need to download and install Y/M on my pc urgently. I tried many times i need a help pls….

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  • Abu Bakar

    finally I was able to download Yahoo Messenger. I tried from Yahoo homepage with no success..thank you very much

  • aryadha

    this site is wonderful. after i got stuck with version 9.0, i decided to downgrade my YM into lower but more stable version. but since Yahoo! doesn't support the full / stand-alone installer, and yet not prepared the older version, this site is my hero. keep up the good work, i'm very sure that other people might need the lower version of YM for their slow machines (like mine :p )

  • bb

    does anyone still have the file for the latest 8.1 yahoo? The link seems to be broken already. Yahoo might have moved the files. Thanks!

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  • james

    hi may pinoy ba jan?

  • james

    how to dawnload this in my computer

  • maria

    I m having 9 before but after using that my voice is not working properly so i decided to degrade it to 8, im hoping it will be ok if not pls help me

  • hey i want us yahoomessenger pls hlp me how 2 us .

  • Yaris Stevenson

    I've done the DOWNGRADE too… Just uninstalled their latest and it what such a pain!

    I'm back to Yahoo! Messenger and WHAT A RELIEF !

    Stability and performance are back again ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You can still get the latest 8.1 (Stable one!) version here :

  • Lucynda

    4 u

  • bariyanga

    my messenger is not active could you help me to install it again?

  • marie

    I changed my yahoo mgr into version 10 but it does not work properly. What shall i do? can i go back to older verion of yahoo?

  • Carmen

    Necesito yahoo como antes en espanol y con los chats que entren personas de espana, argentina y sur america, estados unidos en fin de el mundo entero como antes