Download PPStream (PPS) V2.0.15.1002 Full and No Installer Version

»»»Download PPStream (PPS) V2.0.15.1002 Full and No Installer Version

PPStream network online TV is the world first Internet video broadcasting software that offers both real-time streaming video channels and video-on-demand (VOD) channels similar to pay TV service, both for free viewing. Using PPStream network TV, users can watch online various movie, drama series, live sports telecast, games competition, animation, arts, infoternment, news, financial and many other channels. Best of all, all channels is broadcasted smoothly, free for all.

Features of PPStream

  • Free and no registration required. Once downloaded can be used immediately.
  • Playback and stream smoothly with less or no buffering lag using peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. And the more people who are using PPStream, the video stream will be more smooth, and of higher quality.
  • Video on demand allows user to select and view movie and channel they like at anytime they like without restriction.
  • Manage variety of channels from most popular movies and sports events to classic one.

PPStream (PPS) improves and adds the following enhancements:

  • Improves live streaming broadcast engine.
  • Improves experience on video-on-demand (VOD).
  • Other minor improvements and enhancements.
  • Fixes bugs related to video-do-demand broadcasting.
  • Fixes some playback issues.
  • Fixes screen turns blank or black while watching live streaming channel.
  • Fixes abnormal window when automatically start PPS on system boots up.
  • Fixes other bugs.

PPS version (file version was released for free download on 3rd November 2007. Download full setup installer (ppstreamsetup.exe) from PPS official website.

If you prefer to use PPStream without installation, here’s a installer-stripped version of PPStream, which can be used immediately after downloading and applying a batch file to register DLLs. The strip down version of PPStream package does not leave any trace on your system after uninstalling, and minimize any changes to Windows when installed. Download PPStream.rar (resource no longer available), and extract the content to a folder. Then run install.bat. Note that you need to create shortcut to PPStream.exe yourself too. To uninstall, run uninstall.bat.

Update: PPStream, later, has been acquired by iQiyi.

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  • babyg

    is there a way to translate this software to english?

  • admin

    You can use english alternatives such as TVants and TVUPlayer.

  • Georgie

    Any clue on how to download or record ppstream video for off line viewing?

  • I have lost all programme listings what can I do

  • james

    yah me too vic and the new version of ppstream dont have any english language i cannot understand the language of the new version any can help?? just mail me what to do thank you.


    Vic Smith

    July 16th, 2008 01:53 6I have lost all programme listings what can I do

  • anie

    yah me too vic and the new version of ppstream dont have any english language i cannot understand the language of the new version any can help?? just mail me what to do thank you.

  • Linda

    yesterday i upgrade this pps tv as the msg box ask to. but after installing my movie listing in pps is all gone… then i reinstall the previous version n now i cant watch any movie. plz help!!

  • hiddenox

    I've lost all my channel and movie listings. I've cleaned all the traces of ppstream also from the registry and downloaded the stripped version and made every single step from scratch including registering he dlls manually but still no luck!.. Help Pleasee…..

  • i would like to watch any movies.

  • dean

    i to hav installed the new and lost all films .plse help

  • mateus

    very cool

  • gana


  • Jonathan

    I need this whole software in english language and I cant read a damn thing in chinese. Can anyone help to mail me the steps to change this in engilsh

  • Klose

    u cant read chinese?

    then i think u should go n learn for it,stupid jonathan.

  • chris

    is this download free???

  • HKgirl2009 program. The toolbar and display apart from the internet linked section is gibberish. Please can someone give me some solutions? Unable to navigate and the Eastern Asian language has been installed. Have a Win xp Op system


  • me

    do anyone knows if theres a pps version for mac??? if u can help me leave the link here.. thanks!!! 🙂

  • Laviee.

    Klose, do not be so rude. Do you expect the whole world to understand Chinese? WTF man. People come here because they obviously don't understand Chinese. Judging by that one sentence you typed, your english isn't that fantastic either.

  • LOL

    y when i try to open a movie….the program will shut down??pls help ASAP

  • jet who

    To Klose :Nothing wrong for not understand Chinese.You ASSHOLE

    To Laviee: Not every Chinese like asshole Liose.As a Chinese myself, I apologize to you all.

  • lim

    klose,relax. you're not the only one living on earth. there are other languages too. I am a chinese just like you.

    i have problems finding the movie titles in chinese too == would normally watch them in english

  • alan mah

    i cant find the english drama. i used to be able to watch them, but not now anymore. can anyone help me? thanks

  • Kenny

    To: Klose

    Unless you are a professional novel, Klose, i don't think that you are the only special who knows how to read Chinese.I can, millions of people can. If you think you are so great, wait till you speak with a professional Chinese speaker You Dush!

    Btw, Klose, Get a life you dumbass

  • Kenny


  • Bích Th&ugrav

    tôi muốn bằng tiếng anh hoặc tiếng việt cũng đc. có ai giúp ko. mail dùm tôi nha. sẽ hậu tạ nếu thành công

  • hui

    i like action movies

  • jen

    hmmm. does pps have eng? i just can't understand chinese.

  • mikef

    Must install MS applocale to display Chinese characters correctly. Launch PPS Stream from the Applocale program options. I too have not found English version. Would absolutely ROCK if it did. Probably copyright laws would shut it down though. Persevere with the Chinese…LOL!

  • hien

    I install new 3rd plugin for Readon and i know PPS, and i also didn't find English version for it. You can use Readon Player and install PPS plugin for it and you can use PPS by Readon. I did and i'm successful. PPS channels in China near Vietnam so i think its channels are very hight bandwidth.
    I use Readon for a long time, it so nice and i recommend you try it. It also can play channels of Shoucast, Sopcas, TVU player, Youtube.

  • Jin

    Why is it that every time i use pps, my internet disconnects after a few seconds while streaming a video. I have a wireless D-link router, can anyone out there help me with this problem?

  • Jin

    Plz e-mail me at if u have know how to fix this problem


  • s

    download program ppstream

  • nancy

    Are there anybody can help me?
    I wanna uninstall this pps program, please help me how is this works!!!!

    Thanks lot~^^

  • oru tamilan

    do they have pps in tamil??..hehehe..
    anyway…i desperately need pps in english…….

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