PPStream network online TV is the world first Internet video broadcasting software that offers both real-time streaming video channels and video-on-demand (VOD) channels similar to pay TV service, both for free viewing. Using PPStream network TV, users can watch online various movie, drama series, live sports telecast, games competition, animation, arts, infoternment, news, financial and many other channels. Best of all, all channels is broadcasted smoothly, free for all.

Features of PPStream

  • Free and no registration required. Once downloaded can be used immediately.
  • Playback and stream smoothly with less or no buffering lag using peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. And the more people who are using PPStream, the video stream will be more smooth, and of higher quality.
  • Video on demand allows user to select and view movie and channel they like at anytime they like without restriction.
  • Manage variety of channels from most popular movies and sports events to classic one.

PPStream (PPS) improves and adds the following enhancements:

  • Improves live streaming broadcast engine.
  • Improves experience on video-on-demand (VOD).
  • Other minor improvements and enhancements.
  • Fixes bugs related to video-do-demand broadcasting.
  • Fixes some playback issues.
  • Fixes screen turns blank or black while watching live streaming channel.
  • Fixes abnormal window when automatically start PPS on system boots up.
  • Fixes other bugs.

PPS version (file version was released for free download on 3rd November 2007. Download full setup installer (ppstreamsetup.exe) from PPS official website.

If you prefer to use PPStream without installation, here’s a installer-stripped version of PPStream, which can be used immediately after downloading and applying a batch file to register DLLs. The strip down version of PPStream package does not leave any trace on your system after uninstalling, and minimize any changes to Windows when installed. Download PPStream.rar (resource no longer available), and extract the content to a folder. Then run install.bat. Note that you need to create shortcut to PPStream.exe yourself too. To uninstall, run uninstall.bat.

Update: PPStream, later PPS.tv, has been acquired by iQiyi.