TVAnts is a popular P2P TV multimedia player program that relies on BitTorrent (BT) technology to deliver streaming video contents to the viewers in order to ensure high quality and smooth playback. The unique feature of TVAnts comparing to other P2PTV applications is that TVAnts contains lots of live free-to-air TV channels, cable channels, satellite channels and radio channels, including paid subscribed premium channels.


TVants also gaining popularity due to availability of English user interface. Most P2PTV streaming media players such as PPLive, PPStream and others are developed in China, with only Chinese language support. The English support allows users in non-China countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain, other Europe countries, Thailand, Korea, Japan and more to broadcast and stream TV channels from that country. This contributes to over 700 channels available in TVants. During a live telecast of English Premier Leage (EPL) soccer/footlball match, it’s no surprise to see that are more than a couple of channels including ESPN and CCTV-5 that showing the match, each in different languages of commentaries.

To watch live TV channels, you need to download and install TVants. The latest version of TVants is Build 0817 released on 13th August 2007. You can download the setup installer here (no longer available), or if the TVants server is too slow, use alternate download link (no longer available) to download.

Update: TVAnts (CCAnts) Build 0836