Download & Upgrade to Windows 10 Build 10166 Release

»»»Download & Upgrade to Windows 10 Build 10166 Release
Windows 10 may be set for release to general public soon, but it appears that the next version of Windows OS milestone still require some polishing, fine tuning, bugs fixing, and testing. The evident? Microsoft is releasing yet another preview build for Windows Insiders in the Fast ring.

The newly released Windows 10 Technical Preview build is Windows 10 Build 10166. The complete build string number is 10166.0.150703-1818, and as usual, the buil is from fbl_impressive branch, where Insider Preview builds for Windows Insiders are normally from. The build was compiled a few days after Windows 10 Build 10162, which is the build Windows Insiders on Slow ring get.

Windows 10 Build 10166 is available for download and direct upgrade through Windows Update.

Windows 10 Build 10166

If you want to clean install a PC with official ISO, your currently available avenue is by downloading Windows 10 Build 10162 ISO, which is officially released by Microsoft, and then update to build 10166. Microsoft is yet to publish ISO images for Windows 10 Build 10166, which is also not available to Windows Insiders on Slow ring yet.

Update: Windows 10 Build 10176

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  • Christoffer

    the update doest come up to me. and im online with a outlook account. but doest come up, and yes im on the fast ring.

    • Jurick Pastechi Genaro

      Im also there…so i downloaded the 10166 myself

      • Christoffer

        i got it selv now 😛

        • Jurick Pastechi Genaro

          Good ^.^ the 10.166 works more stable than the 162 and 130. Those 2 build been giving me headache with my nvidia driver

          • Christoffer

            Work faster then the last so, but found some bugs in Microsoft Egde. Hope Microsoft work about it to fix, have talked to them about it and they know the bug
            (It close automatically when you do much things together.)

        • Jurick Pastechi Genaro

          Ah that, i had that bug in the 10162 build tho, when i have more than 6tabs open it automatically close and open itself. Now on the 10166 it doesnt anymore, or maybe its because i used 10166 for only 5hours lol

          • Christoffer

            Some people have it on 10166 but it doesn’t it for all but for some, i have it so the bug need to be fixed. So long for now I use Firefox 🙂
            It’s not long time for release date now so I think next build its everything fine and work perfect. Wait for DX12at this time, or my card doesn’t support it… Well time to upgrade lol

  • Damien A. Collins

    Just got it today… not sure what ring I’m on, but I’ve been an insider since Vista…. so whatever ring that is.