Vista Codec Package is a one of popular codecs pack that provides out of the box working solution that enables users to playback almost all audio and video multimedia files without having to worry about availability of codec. Codec is required to performing encoding and decoding on a digital audio and video data stream or signal so that the contents can be played in media player. Windows operating system – Vista, XP and 2003 – does not comes with all popular codecs available in the world, causing not all downloaded files can be played straight away without searching for the codec.

Vista Codec Package

Vista Codec Package solves all codec related problem, and by installing Vista Codec Package, users won’t need to install any other codecs. Beside, Vista Codec Package also adheres to principle that install the least amount but sufficient amount of codecs able to playback most of popular media formats on your system as the best configuration option. Besides, all media player is supported with the codecs installed with new version, including Windows Media Player 11 and Windows Vista Media Center. Previously, codec support is restricted to Media Player Classic (MPC) (download Vista Codec Package optimized version of MPC), which is still recommended media player.

Download Vista Codec Package 4.4.9 from MajorGeeks.

The codecpack works in Windows Vista, XP, 2K3 and newer Windows. For Windows Vista, installation will require users to disable User Account Control and the right click on setup file and select “Run as Administrator”. And it’s recommended to uninstall any previous version of Vista Codec Package or any other codec packs if installed.

Changelog for Vista Codec Package version 4.4.9:

  • add install support for Finnish
  • Update AC3Filter to 1.46
  • Update ffdshow components to 1437
  • fix VCD playback in Vista Ultimate/Premium
  • support MOV files from camera’s
  • fix Adobe flash requiring re-install
  • change VobSub default to 2.33
  • improve mkv and avi playback for some

Codecs installed include AC3File, AC3Filter, AudioSwitcher, AVI AC3/DTS Converter, CDDA Reader, CDXA Reader, CoreVorbis Audio Decoder, DC-Bass Source, DTS/AC3/DD+ Source, Haali Video Renderer, DirectShow and VFW video and audio decoding/encoding/processing filter, FLV Splitter, File Source (MP3), MP4 Splitter, MPV (MPEG-1/2) Decoder Filter, NeroDigital / mp4 / avi / mov parser, Nero QuickTime Audio/Video Decoder, RealAudio/Video (RealMedia) Decoder, ShoutcastSource, Haali Media Splitter, VP7 Decompressor, VobSub & TextSub (DirectVobSub) filter for DirectShow/VirtualDub/Avisynth, Sipro Lab Audio Decoder, DivX WMA Audio, ffdshow video encoder, Sipro Lab Telecom Audio Codec (MS ACM), Ogg Vorbis codec for MSACM, Windows Media Video 9 VCM, XviD MPEG-4 Video Decoder and XviD VFW MPEG-4 Video Codec.

Update: Vista Codec Pack 4.5.4 Beta 1